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I love graphic design and photography. I breath, I read fanfiction, I sleep, I cook, I eat, I drink and always having fun. SuperJunior BigBang and A-JAX have made me enjoy the world. Simba&Cinderella -- Almond&Chocolate is L♥VE.

I didn’t want my voice on it. So the initial replacement for my part was supposed to be T.O.P. But then T.O.P. was working on other stuff. So GD just went ahead and recorded over my part.

Teddy on ‘Window’— just casually killing the feels of every GTOP shipper on the planet. (via tabiyong)
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men in black.

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“I almost fell in love with TOP. There are times when I was joking with TOP in the car, and I felt attracted to him… If I were a girl, I would ask to be in a relationship with him on the spot. That’s how much he influences me.”

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You move through the room Like breathing was easy If someone believed me They would be As in love with you as I am

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“to the world biggest fanclub, the ELF”

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Alive Tour 2012 → GD&TOP 

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Autumn Colours: A post about how GD likes TOP's body


Whenever GD describes TOP, it’s in glowing terms. Something like how Seunghyun would be a black jaguar if he were an animal and has such beautiful eyes and is the most handsome actor of all.

Jiyong has never made a secret of his admiration for his hyung: on the contrary, in the early…

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I swear, we were flying up in the air. Like, we were on cloud nine, admiring the nothing of each other. Just being together was enough then but now, it’s more like we’re strangers. We’re now the burning end of a cigarette just waiting to die out. All that we worked for are just ashes flowing through the wind. (x)

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